The Vineyard Le Clos des Roches

Created in 1995, the Clos des Roches now has about 1300 plants. More than a dozen different grape varieties produce both white and red wines. This is probably the only naturist vineyard.

Everyone is welcome to the wine tastings. They are posted at the Maison du Vignoble at the Village de la Pommerie and on the bulletin boards. And why not join the vineyard club!

The Activities of the Vineyard

Developed and maintained by about twenty members, the Clos requires each season the following viticulture activities:

Removal of geotextile fabrics

In the spring, remove the canvas that protected the plants from the frost during the winter.
Each spring, replace the plants that died during the winter.
Mainly in spring, and throughout the season thereafter, prune the vine shoots to prevent them from developing too many leaves and branches and not enough fruit.
Repair of supports
At the beginning of the season, repair broken pins and poles.
Weed Control
Throughout the season, remove weeds to maximize production.
Disease control
Throughout the season, do the required spreadings against funghi and other enemies of the vine.
Throughout the season, harrow to remove weeds, aerate and loosen the soil.
Installation of nets
In late August, protection against birds, raccoons and two-legged visitors.
Removal of nets and grape harvest
In September or October, according to the grape varieties and the sunshine of the season, harvest of the grapes and storage of the nets for the winter.
Fall pruning
End of October or November, when the plants are obsolete, pruning of the plants in preparation for spring.
Installation of geotextile fabrics
In November, laying geotextile fabrics to protect plants from frost.
Ice wine press
In January, ice wine press.

During the autumn and winter, wine-making activities are carried out, namely:

Wine making
Stripping, crushing, maceration, pressing.
Wine breeding
Pumping, transfer to barrels, topping, deacidification, bottling.
The dressing
Capsulation and labeling of bottles and tastings.